Tenant’s Rights Under New Jersey Foreclosure Fairness Act

Posted by February 12, 2015 ,

A law enacted in 2010 called the New Jersey Foreclosure Fairness Act (“NJFFA”), found in N.J.S.A. 2A:50-69 to -71, offers valuable protections to residential tenants living in foreclosed properties. Specifically, new owners of a property acquired through foreclosure are required to serve residential tenants with a detailed written notice inform ... Read More.

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Medical Experts Beware: If You Consult With A Law Firm And Then Agree To Be Retained By Their Adversary You May Be Disqualified From The Case

Posted by February 2, 2015 , ,

Assume the following scenario.  An attorney representing a party in a lawsuit challenging the probate of a contested will consults with a medical expert, describing the facts of the case, sharing his mental impressions and discussing trial strategies.  The client decides not to hire the expert.   The same doctor then consults with the attorney ... Read More.

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