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Foreclosure Mediation

NJ Foreclosure Mediation Attorneys

New Jersey Attorney BrochureOur New Jersey foreclosure practice includes representing homeowners in court ordered mediation supervised  by the Superior Court of New Jersey, Chancery Division.  Foreclosure mediation is an opportunity for qualified homeowners who are facing foreclosure to receive help from housing counselors, attorneys, and a neutral mediator to resolve a loan delinquency.

The program aims to assist homeowners avoid foreclosure by proposing work-out and payment arrangements that balance the interests of the borrower and lender.  The lender will have an attorney representing its interests.  As a homeowner you should have an attorney promoting your rights.

Foreclosure mediation is available to homeowners who have filed an answer and are contesting the foreclosure as well as to homeowners who fail to make a formal appearance and whose cases are uncontested.  Foreclosure mediation may be requested up to 60 days after the service of the summons and complaint. Thereafter, homeowners will only be allowed into the program by a judge after a motion on notice demonstrating exceptional circumstances exist.

An individual homeowner-borrower can participate in the Court’s free foreclosure mediation program if the following eligibility conditions are met:

  • the property is an owner-occupied one- to three- family residential property
  • the property is the homeowner-borrower’s primary residence
  • the homeowner-borrower is the borrower on the mortgage loan being foreclosed
Experienced Attorneys Representing Homeowners in Foreclosure Mediation
Homeowners act quickly to protect your rights

To participate in the Court’s foreclosure mediation program an individual homeowner-borrower must complete and return the Foreclosure Mediation Financial Worksheet,NJ Litigation Attorneys Foreclosure Borrower Instructions,NJ Litigation Attorneys  Foreclosure Loan Modification Checklist, NJ Litigation Attorneys and supporting documents.  Read more. NJ Litigation Attorneys

Contact our New Jersey foreclosure mediation attorneys today to discuss your case, and our law firm will respond to your inquiry within 24 -48 hours.  For emergent matters, please call us at (201) 498-0400.

Serving Northern, Central and Southern New Jersey including Bergen County, Essex County, Hudson County, Mercer County, Middlesex County, Monmouth County, Morris County, Passaic County, Somerset CountyUnion County, and elsewhere in the Garden State.

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