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New Jersey Attorney EthicsOur law firm represents New Jersey lawyers charged with ethics violations involving the New Jersey Rules of Professional Conduct. The firm’s attorney ethics defense practice includes hearings conducted before district ethics committees, Disciplinary Review Board, and the Supreme Court of New Jersey. A lawyer’s license is  his or her most valuable asset. Attorney grievances should thus be taken very seriously.

Read our New Jersey Attorney Ethics FAQs for answers to the some of the more common questions involving the attorney ethics grievance process.

There are two types of lawyers practicing in the field of professional attorney ethics:  1) scholars, and 2) trial lawyers.

We are trial lawyers. As a former member and Chair of the Bergen County District IIB Ethics Committee, our partner Glenn Reiser investigated and prosecuted attorney grievances before the District Ethics Committees, and Disciplinary Review Board.  For more than 10 years Mr. Reiser has been defending the reputations of New Jersey lawyers in both the public and private sectors who have been charged with ethics violations ranging from the most routine to the most complex of charges.

A large percentage of ethics grievances lack merit. The most common type of grievance is from a disgruntled client or opposing litigant who is looking to find someone to blame. Because the burden of proof required to sustain an ethics violation is “clear and convincing evidence”, the majority of grievances filed are usually disposed of after the investigation stage. The specific ethics grievances that our New Jersey law firm handles include: 

We assist our attorney clients from the very beginning of the ethics investigation all the way through trial, if necessary. We will carefully evaluate the likelihood of whether any rule of professional conduct was violated and, if so, whether the case is provable by the “clear and convincing evidence” standard, and what type of discipline should be expected.

Lawyer Ethics Defense

By engaging experienced attorney ethics counsel at the initial stage of the ethics investigation, our  clients receive the benefit of our advice and guidance from the very beginning.  Even in cases that may warrant a finding of an ethics violation, through early intervention we may be able to negotiate a form of discipline that will not result in a suspension of your law license and loss of your livelihood and minimize public exposure.

Newly admitted lawyers, sole practitioners, small to mid-size lawyers looking for guidance on particular ethics issues? Our firm offers Ethics Compliance Primers designed to avoid or limit exposure to ethics infractions.

Attorneys are entitled to due process in ethics proceedings.  Contact an experienced New Jersey ethics grievance lawyer today.

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