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NJ Auto Repo AttorneysOur NJ auto repo attorneys represent car leasing and financing companies in actions to repossess cars and trucks throughout the entire State of New Jersey including Bergen CountyEssex CountyHudson CountyMercer CountyMiddlesex CountyMorris CountyPassaic CountySomerset County, and Union County.

When can a car be repossessed?

A car may be repossessed only if:

Does the lender have to warn the borrower before repossessing the car?

No.  A lender has no duty to warn a consumer before repossessing a vehicle. If the lender has the right to repossesses the car, then it may take back the car without going to court first. This is called self-help repossession.

What does the lender have to do after the car is repossessed?

After repossession, the lender must provide the borrower with two specific types of written notices.

First Notice: Redemption and Sale

The lender’s first notice must inform the borrower that it has possession of the car and that the car will be sold. The notice must be sent to the owner of the car and all co-buyers or co-signers of the loan. This notice must be provided in a timely manner, giving the borrower and all co-signers a reasonable time to redeem the car before its resale. The right to redeem the car means that the borrower may get the car returned by paying the loan off in full along with the lender’s repossession costs. The notice must also give a contact number where the borrower may call for the exact cost to redeem the car.

You lender must deliver the first notice to the borrower and co-signers at least 10 days before the proposed sale. However, the borrower’s right to redeem lasts until the car is resold. Also, the notice must give details about when and where the sale will be and whether the sale will be public or private.  Lenders are required to sell repossessed vehicles in a commercially reasonable manner pursuant to N.J.S.A. 12A: 9-610(b)

Second Notice: Deficiency

After the sale, the lender is required to send out a second notice. This notice must accurately state the amounts that the lender has credited the  borrower because of a resale and the cancellation of the sales contract.

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New Jersey Division of Motor Vehicle Repossession Instructions & Forms

Creditors don’t Run Afoul of New Jersey law!  The NJ DMV provides specific instructions to seize and sell a vehicle in New Jersey. Certain forms must be completed and filed with the NJ DMV.




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