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Bergen County Probate Attorneys

Bergen County NJ Probate LawyersBergen County Probate Attorneys with prime Hackensack location next to the Bergen County Surrrogate’s Office. Our probate lawyers assist fiduciaries in the probate of routine and complex estate matters. In addition, we represent creditors and objecting parties in contested estate proceedings involving claims of undue influence, fraudulent asset transfers, and mortgage foreclosures.

Probate is generally known as the process that enables an executor or executrix to transfer assets as directed by a decedent in his or her Last Will & Testament (“Will”) to the beneficiaries (recipients) according to the Will.

Generally, a Will can be probated by the Bergen County Surrogate if the testator resided in Bergen County or if an out of state resident owned property exclusively in Bergen County at the time of his or her death.

Not all assets must go through probate to be transferred to a beneficiary. Some assets pass automatically (by operation of law) to other persons (beneficiaries) without the need for probate. Whether a particular asset to be transferred must go through probate or not depends on how ownership (title) to the asset is held.

Attorney Bergen County NJAttorney Bergen County NJ

Contact our Bergen County Probate lawyers today. One of our lawyers will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours.  For urgent matters, please call (201) 498-0400.a

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