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New Jersey Model Jury Charges

New Jersey Trial AttorneysWelcome to our New Jersey legal directory with links to New Jersey Courts, legal forms, Court Rules, and much more.   On this page we have provided links to the New Jersey Model Jury Charges, both civil and criminal.

When facing a jury trial, it is incumbent upon the trial attorneys and judge to ensure that the jury receives proper instructions about the particular areas of law that apply to the case.  This applies to both civil and criminal cases.

Below are links to the New Jersey civil and criminal jury charges in both Word and PDF formats.

About Model Civil Jury Charges

The Model Civil Jury Charge Committee is a standing committee of the New Jersey Supreme Court. The New Jersey Supreme Court does not sanction or approve the Model Civil Jury Charges before publication by the Model Civil Jury Charge Committee, although the Supreme Court may, and frequently does, comment on the sufficiency of a charge in the context of a particular case.

The Model Civil Jury Charge Committee prepares and updates model civil jury charges to be useful to trial judges and litigants to accomplish the important function of adequately and understandably instructing civil juries. The Model Civil Jury Charges provide model instructions and related clarifying judges’ notes. The Model Civil Jury Charges endeavor to enhance comprehension by jurors, while retaining a balanced and accurate statement of the law.

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