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LLC Incorporation


NJ LLC Incorporation AttorneysAt Shapiro Croland, our New Jersey corporate lawyers have assisted numerous clients in forming and filing new limited liability companies or “LLCs”. A New Jersey LLC offers business entrepreneurs the form of corporate organization that provides perhaps the most flexibility to you. An LLC formation, like a limited partnership or a Sub-Chapter S Corporation, are generally prime candidates for a business just starting.

An advantage of a New Jersey LLC is that you can gain the protection of law in terms of separating out your personal assets from the future liabilities of your New Jersey LLC as it conducts business, and where its creditors could look into litigation in order to satisfy the LLC’s financial obligations. A tax benefit of an LLC is that your New Jersey LLC qualifies as a “pass through” vehicle, accordingly is not taxed at either the state of federal level, so long as your New Jersey LLC remains in good corporate standing.

Also, contrary to  the C Corporation or the Sub-Chapter S Corporation which require annual meetings and written minutes along with other corporate formalities, your New Jersey LLC does not require you to maintain such meetings and records.

Our New Jersey limited liability incorporation services include:

  • Name reservation
  • Preparation and filing of Certificate of Formation
  • Obtain Federal Tax ID Number
  • Preparation of Operating Agreement and other initial company agreements
  • Preparation and filing of Business Registration Application (NJ Reg. form) and other forms required by New Jersey Division of Taxation
  • Review of commercial lease agreement, if applicable
  • Draft and/or review of employee agreements, including non-disclosure agreements and non-compete agreements, if applicable.

NJ LLC Incorporation Attorneys

Our New Jersey business lawyers can provide you with the necessary information and facilitate the process when you’re ready to form an LLC in New Jersey, including same day service for limited liability company filings.

Contact a New Jersey limited liability company lawyer today Serving Northern, Central and Southern New Jersey. Bergen County, Essex County, Hudson County, Mercer County, Middlesex County, Monmouth County, Morris County, Passaic County, Somerset CountyUnion County, and elsewhere in the Garden State.

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