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Real Estate Litigation

NJ Real Estate Litigation Attorneys

NJ real estate litigation attorneysOur NJ real estate litigation attorneys provide competent legal counsel in areas potentially fraught with dissension. Our lawyers will guide you through mediation, arbitration, or litigation, or assist you in avoiding litigation altogether.

There are many ways in which a property dispute may arise. For example, you may encounter a disagreement with neighbors over the boundaries of your property, or your tenant may breach a lease agreement. You may discover a serious defect in the title to the property, or encounter an overzealous landlord who refuses to let a bank or secured lender recover its collateral from a defaulting borrower.

Our NJ real estate litigation attorneys effectively handle a wide range of real estate disputes, including:

Why Choose LoFaro & Reiser as your NJ real estate litigation team?

Our clients choose our law firm for many reasons. Our  attorneys are life-long New Jersey residents who are well-established in the community.  Collectively, we have more than 40 years of experience as members of the New Jersey bar.  Thus, as a practical matter this means that our NJ litigation attorneys are very familiar with the landscape of New Jersey law. Because we have been in the community for so long, we understand what is important to local judges and local governing boards. We can craft legal arguments that are targeted at these concerns.

Additionally, our lawyers regularly represent businesses and individuals in both real estate transactions and real estate litigation. We draft real estate contracts that are designed with an eye toward future litigation to ensure that our clients’ rights are well protected.

Also, our lawyers are experienced practitioners in bankruptcy law.  Often, cases that start out in state court wind up in bankruptcy court because one of the litigants perceives bankruptcy to be to his or her advantage. Thus, if one of the parties files for bankruptcy our law firm is able to continue effectively serving our clients as creditors in the bankruptcy case.

Need our help?  Contact our NJ real estate litigation attorneys today to discuss your case, and one of our experienced lawyers will respond within 24 – 48 hours.

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