What is the Statute of Limitations for Breach of Contract and Fraud Claims in New Jersey?

Posted by June 18, 2013

This post provides a brief summary of the statute of limitations in New Jersey as applied to claims for breach of contract and fraud.  A more detailed summary of the law in this area appears in our brief filed in a motion to dismiss a lawsuit alleging breach of contract and fraud resulting from a residential real estate transaction. Statutes of ... Read More.

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Real Estate Tax Foreclosure – Does a Tax Sale Certificate Holder Have an Indefinite Time Period to File Foreclosure?

Posted by June 13, 2013

The idea for this post came from a recent client inquiry that we received about filing a tax foreclosure suit on behalf of an individual who has held a tax sale certificate for approximately 27 years against the home of her deceased parents, and paid the real estate taxes during all 27 years. Every New Jersey municipality is authorized by statute ... Read More.

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