Pre-Bankruptcy Judgments do not Attach to Property Acquired Post-Bankruptcy Discharge

Posted by November 14, 2016 , ,

Frequently we receive inquiries from prospective homeowners about clearing judgments discharged in their prior bankruptcy. The question typically arises after a contract of sale has been finalized and attorney review completed. A title company search reveals a prior judgment entered in the Superior Court of New Jersey, but which the client previous ... Read More.

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Posted by February 1, 2016 ,

Under federal bankruptcy law, retirement funds are generally exempt from the claims of creditors in bankruptcy proceedings. But in Clark v. Rameker, 134 S. Ct. 2242, 189 L. Ed. 2d 157 (2014), the United States Supreme Court declared that an inherited IRA -received by the beneficiary upon death of the IRA owner - does not fall within the definition ... Read More.

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4-Year Statute of Limitations | Breach of Contract Claims NJ UCC

Posted by January 27, 2016 , ,

In New Jersey, the easiest way to get tripped up in filing a  breach of contract lawsuit is to misconstrue the applicable statute of limitations.  As a general rule, lawsuits for breach of contract in New Jersey must be filed within six (6) years of the date the cause of action accrues.  See N.J.S.A. 2A:14-1.  However, clients and practitioners ... Read More.

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New Jersey Judgment Search

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NEW JERSEY JUDGMENT SEARCH Need to find out whether someone you're doing business with or about to enter into a business transaction with has debt problems? Or perhaps you just want to check your name against the New Jersey state database of judgments? The New Jersey Judiciary website offers a free judgment lien search for judgments docketed in T ... Read More.

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