Dismissal or Conversion of a Bad Faith Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Case

Posted by April 3, 2016

Bad Faith Chapter 13 Bankruptcy NJ Much to your surprise, someone you loaned a substantial amount of money to just filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection and didn't even give you the courtesy of a phone call in advance. You receive a notice in the mail from the bankruptcy court informing you of the filing. Your only proof of the debt is a sign ... Read More.

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Expert Witness Testimony: Standard of Admissibility in NJ

Posted by March 9, 2016 ,

In complex litigation the question often arises of whether expert testimony is necessary to prove any elements of a litigant's claims or defenses. Cases are often won and lost on the basis of expert testimony. Now that you've made the decision to hire an expert will his or her testimony be admissible at trial? New Jersey Rule of Evidence (N.J.R.E. ... Read More.

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Arbitration Employment Disputes NJ Employee Handbook

Posted by February 17, 2016

Can a New Jersey employer enforce an arbitration provision appearing in an employee handbook? Not if the handbook disclaims that its provisions create a contract between the employer and employee, the New Jersey Appellate Division recently ruled in a published decision. Morgan v. Raymours Furniture Company, Inc., et al.,___ N.J. Super.___ (App. Div ... Read More.

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New Jersey Attorneys Risk Ethical Sanctions Representing Cannabis Clients

Posted by February 14, 2016 ,

  With states passing laws permitting the medicinal and recreational use of marijuana, there are new opportunities for attorneys to provide legal services to clients in the cannabis industry. However, New Jersey attorneys seeking to counsel clients in complying with the New Jersey Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act (the “NJ Marijuana A ... Read More.

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